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How to use social media to market your event

These days, if you're marketing an event, social media is really a must-have element, enabling broader awareness, connection and engagement, across a range of streams.

You can use Facebook and LinkedIn to create dedicated event pages, Twitter and Facebook Live to stream specific elements and reach an even wider audience, and Instagram, and even Messenger, to re-cap and keep in touch following the function.

And from these, you can glean powerful business connections, further boosting brand awareness, and increasing your capacity to close more deals as a result. The benefits of social media connection in and around events are significant. It's worth considering how you can incorporate social into your next promotional gathering.

To help, the team from Total Event Resources have put together this overview of key event marketing elements on social platforms.

There are some good tips here, definitely worth keeping in mind in your process - check out the full infographic below. 

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