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How to Use Automated Instagram DMs to Boost Sales

Instagram DMs are an effective tool for any brand or company wanting to create new leads, strengthen client relationships, and increase revenue. However, keeping up with the messages in a timely manner can be difficult, especially with 200 million Instagram users contacting businesses each month.

This is where automated Instagram DMs proves valuable. They can assist you in improving your chats, so you don't lose out on important interactions with people who are interested in your product or service, even while you're not working.

Interested with using Instagram DMs to boost sales?? Here's what you'll need to know:

What Are Automated Instagram DMs?

Brands may now use automated DMs on Instagram to quickly respond to their customers, due to the recent implementation of Facebook's Messenger API for Instagram.

Automated direct messages (DMs) are programmed replies that can range from simple answers to highly personalized, interactive discussions in which you can direct clients to different answer outcomes depending on how they reply.

Check out how @socialsavvyhq responds to frequently asked questions in her DMs using automated prompts.

You can utilize an Instagram-approved bot-building platform like ManyChat, Inflact, Chatfuel, or MobileMonkey to create automated dialogues, or you can design your own solution in-house.

To aid your overall Instagram marketing strategy, you can also utilize automated dialogue prompts to capture essential information about your customers, such as names, email addresses, and product preferences.

Why Should You Use Automated Instagram DMs?

According to a recent global survey, 75% of individuals would like to be able to message a business, and 64% prefer texting to email or the phone.

While businesses receive messages 24 hours a day, having someone answer them every day is not always practicable — or cost-effective.

You can answer to clients and prospective leads promptly with automatic Instagram DMs, making it unlikely for them to switch to a competitor for your products and services.

6 Ways to Boost Sales with Automated Instagram DMs

Here are six methods to use automated Instagram DMs to boost your marketing efforts and increase sales, from increasing traffic to your website to offering customer service that encourages customers to buy your products:

#1: Deliver customer service 24/7

Automated Instagram DMs can assist you in quickly responding to frequently asked questions from new and existing clients. Providing prompt, friendly customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week will help to establish brand loyalty and encourage them to purchase from you again.

You can also use automated icebreakers (the little message bubbles that appear when you first DM a business) to engage users with typical inquiries (like @juliaroseboston)

According to a marketing survey, 40% of consumers expect brands to reply to their messages within an hour of sending them. Customers will feel like their needs are significant and that they are a valued member of your brand or business' community if you respond quickly to their questions and remarks.

#2: Promote Your Products

If you have a new product or a big announcement to make, automated Instagram DMs make it simple to update all of your followers on what's new with your company or business. Having your followers informed about your latest news, items, and future sales is an excellent approach to market your business and increase sales.

You may target the sales you want to focus on in a direct, more personalized approach by contacting your followers with updates on specific products or services you offer.

#3: Gain Leads

Using Instagram stories as a beginning point is one of the most effective strategies to gather leads. Instagram stories are used by over 500 million people every day, so there are plenty of options to funnel consumers into your DMs with innovative and interesting stories.

Take a look at how @blume used an Instagram Stories sticker in their post to communicate with current and future consumers about their beauty product:

You can automate a welcome reply, refer them to your website, or propose items and services to try once you've gained a user's engagement in your DMs. You may also utilize automated DMs to respond to users who have tagged your brand or business in their own Instagram stories.

#4: Create an Email List

For competitions, promotions, and giveaways, you can also direct users to your DMs by asking them to message you with a specified automated trigger word. For instance, if you're an eCommerce store giving a Black Friday discount coupon, you may say, "If you want a 10% discount code, message us FRIDAY10."

You can make use of automated Instagram DMs to start a conversation when someone sends you that message. This may be a prompt to register for a special discount, which is an excellent way to grow your email list.

#5: Get People To Visit Your Website

Instagram users can be sent to your website using automated direct messaging. You may encourage message recipients to visit your website by automating messages to contain links to your products and services, resulting in increased sales chances.

Take a look at how Charlotte Tilbury responds to a product question with a link to a beauty consultation offer:

As seen above, you can create a significant impression in your automated DMs by using your brand voice. Users are more likely to click on the triggered link if the message is entertaining and engaging, increasing website traffic and revenues.

#6: Create A Loyal Community

Establishing a loyal consumer base necessitates two-way communication. Communicating with your fans on a regular basis humanizes your brand and fosters trust. Because DMs are private, users have the impression that they are having a one-on-one chat with a brand or business. Sending automatic messages on a frequent basis will make them feel recognized and valued, whether it's to thank them for a mention, keep them updated, or cheer them with a discount code.

Automated Instagram DMs can not only help you organize your inbox and save time, but they can also help you increase sales — be it through community participation, customer assistance, brand awareness, or product promotion.

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