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How to Increase Organic Traffic and Conversions from Twitter

I'm a big proponent of Twitter, even though I do tend to ridicule some of the platform's moves (limiting API? seriously?). recently, I've heard some suggest that the demographics of Twitter are shifting, which will eventually weaken the power of the platform, and while it is true that younger users are shifting to Snapchat and Instagram more and more, Twitter very much remains a force to be reckoned with.

Despite trends shifts and changes, Twitter still has more 335 million active users, and is well-used across demographic brackets. And while Twitter has never reached the levels that Facebook has been able to, there's no denying its impact on out communicative process, and its value in brand-to-consumer communication specifically.

No other platform is quite like it - and it presents a range of opportunities that businesses need to take note of.

Here's an overview of how and why of Twitter for brands to help inform your platform approach.

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