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How to be productive in winter - 11 tips from marketing experts

As we head into the final weeks of 2020, most people, understandably, are winding down and looking to take a break from the relentless news cycle of what's been a particularly challenging year.

But at the same time, those challenges have also seen many lose income and opportunities, which has forced them to re-assess their approach, and their focus for the year ahead. In this respect, many are also considering what they can do to stay productive in the quieter time, in order to best position themselves to take advantage of the next wave of opportunity.

Whether you're looking to rest and recuperate, or re-load for a bigger 2021, this new infographic on wintertime productivity, created by Bannersnack, may have some valuable insights for you.

Bannersnack reached out to eleven marketing experts and asked them the following question:

"How do you manage to stay productive and creative during the winter season?".

Scroll down to get hands-on advice on coping with winter fatigue while ticking off tasks with finesse.



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