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  • MaryGrace Lerin

How TikTok Creators Redefined Influence

Encouraging engagement and letting its users participate in various trends has been TikTok's greatest edge over other platforms, and are the building blocks to its success.

And an integral component of that is its organic, creative content, which has now become a primary priority to drive interaction, changing the way companies utilize the platform in turn.

On TikTok, consumers generally scroll past traditional commercials as they find them disruptive, in search of something new and innovative in-stream.

Hence, the brands that usually succeed are the ones that have their focus and message correspond to the current trends, making it an essential option to collaborate with top creators.

This is the focus of TikTok's latest overview. TikTok has offered a variety of options for marketers, including how they may work up with creative talent, to demonstrate how content is made and consumed on the site, and what that implies for companies.

Below you can find some intriguing data to take into account in your strategy.

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