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How long does it take to read every element of each terms of service agreement for every app?

How long would it take you to actually read through every element of each terms of service agreement for every app and tool that you use? 

Of course, ideally, everybody would be reading through every such agreement, but in reality, that's not always the case - if ever for some people. We put a lot of trust in regulators and other parties to keep an eye on such things for us. Because the documents are long, and they're jargonistic. It's not exactly Harry Potter going through the various clauses and provisions.

But would it take you as long to read through them as it would to read an actual Harry Potter novel?

The team from Visual Capitalist recently put together this listing, which is based on the average adult reading time, and provides some perspective on the length of app privacy agreements.

Some interesting notes here - check out the full infographic below. 

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