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Holiday do you nail it this year?🎅🏼

Amazon kicked off with a fantastic holiday ad. Getting us in the spirit for for the holiday season.

The holiday season is the ultimate time in marketing.

The most beautiful ads fly by on TV, billboards and of course social media

This year the ads will be there, but the tone will be somewhat different during this Covid_19 period.

So let's take a dive,

What did the covid_19 ads from this year look like from a few of the larger brands.

Some of the highlights ( in my humble opinion)

McDonalds Germany , bringing back oldie McHammer's "can't touch this"

The rooftop match with Roger Federer went completely viral. Cool Covid campaign

Nike of course with their "You can't stop us" campaign.

Absolutely brilliant!

Heineken is also kicking it....

Taking the awkwardness of this new time to a new level , we are so not used to the distancing yet.....

What happened on Social

How did the Social networks address covid?

Facebook's own ad

Not very spectaculair.....but nice try

Linkedin totally gets the very difficult time for jobseekers and working from how.

Nice ad

Pinterest is growing like crazy over the past quarters and taps into the "Stay inspired" theme a lot of the growth comes from.

So on to the holidays

First up will be halloween 🎃

The first ads are there...

A lot of them look like they are made for social ads and billboard campaigns.

Some of the ads

Jeep Guinness

McDonalds Guinness

Back to Christmas.....

I am looking forward to see more campaigns like Amazon.

The few ads for Christmas I see at this point don't really address Covid-19 at all with

awkward campaigns ( probably older material) where people are shaking hands, hugging and are not keeping the distance we all experience now. A bad call to go for in my opinion, it calls out for an emotion that we can't have at this moment....feels a bit weird

For example the latest "call to joy" ad from Hudsons Bay

Not really keeping a lot of distance

I think brands need to be creative and bold to address the relevance and emotion of the Covid time and more specific the lockdown and quarantaine time we alle know...

Some of the top hashtags on social are

A funny post on tiktok on #quarantine

In this upcoming advertising holiday season , brands will be airing their ads on social and mainstream to get you and me moving for halloween, black friday, cyber monday and of course into Christmas. All will be different this year, so hopefully the ads will be too.....

Most famous for their amazing Christmas ads is John Lewis. To get you in the spirit, let me show you their incredible ad from last year

I will keep watching the best ads for the holiday season for you and update from time to time.

Up to the first round - Halloween

Do you want to keep track of the halloween ads or other topics, check this.

If you see amazing ads , or total misfits , please comment and let us know. We love to see them

Keep you posted


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