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Google Revises its 'How Search Works' Website, Offering Further Information on SEO best practices

Do you want to learn more about how Google ranks search results and how you can match your content strategy with Google's essential discovery parameters?

This week, Google released a revised edition of its 'How Search Works' page, which features a variety of insights and links to provide additional information about its constantly-evolving ranking algorithms, which could assist you further comprehend what you should be doing to align with its systems.

The mini-site includes all areas of Google's search process, and although it is intended for regular readers rather than SEO pros, it does provide greater insight into Google's ranking methods and what it looks for in online content.

Google provides simple reviews of each ranking factor, such as why it utilizes automated keyword matching:

"Every day, fifteen per cent of searches are ones that we haven't seen before, so we use automated systems to get you the most relevant and reliable information that we can find. To help you find what you're looking for, these systems consider many factors, including the words in your query, the content of pages, the expertise of sources, and your language and location."

The site also contains basic keyword usage tips and information on how its algorithms rank keyword match relevancy depending on each query:

"For example, with web pages, if those keywords appear on the page, or if they appear in the headings or body of the text, the information might be more relevant."

It also explains the basics of backlinks and how Google considers the significance of links in ranking:

"Understanding whether other prominent websites link to or refer to the content is one of numerous elements we utilize to help decide this. This has frequently shown to be a good indicator that the material is reliable."

It also offers information on Google's most recent search improvements, such as the Core Web Vitals modification, which was implemented in May.

As previously said, the major content is somewhat surface level; it does not get into the more technical parts of SEO improvement. However, it does provide some useful insights into the fundamental factors of search ranking and what you should take into account in your SEO strategy.

However, as anybody who has tried to keep up with SEO knows, that information may change quickly. Matter of fact, Google reports that in 2020 alone, it created over 4,500 search 'improvements.'

If you're seeking for more precise SEO information, Google has a platform called Search Central that offers more in-depth, expert guidance from experienced webmasters, as well as educational films, web building best practices, and other resources.

However, if you need a starting point, the revised 'How Search Works' page provides a thorough summary that may help you better comprehend each part.

The revised 'How Search Works' website can be found here.

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