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Google Reveals Holiday Product Trends Based on Google Search Volume

Curious which product trends are likely to gain popularity this holiday season?

Google has released its annual Holiday 100 list, which features product searches that are expected to trend the most during the holiday season in the United States, based on increased search activity in previous months.

According to Google:

“This year’s Holiday 100 reflects the realities many of us are still living in. Home equipment like coffee makers and fitness gear continue to make the list. But we’re also seeing more items that suggest people are getting out more, like fragrances and beauty products.”

The listing is rather simple, as you can see, but it specifies the crucial information that you need, based on increased search interest, which might help you to select the ideal gifts for your family and friends, as well as effectively support your own marketing approach.

Perfumes and colognes are trending higher than in previous years, according to Google, although tech gifts will also be popular under the tree.

Understandably, the pandemic has sparked a rise in interest in gaming.

Gaming's added social dynamics will also contribute to the approaching metaverse transition, with younger people, specifically, much more oriented to interacting with peers in virtual environments like Roblox and Fortnite, and through avatars that represent them in these places.

If you want a clear picture of what a bigger metaverse would look like, this is it. As younger customers become more familiar to connecting in this fashion, this is presumably where developers will build from, tapping into these behaviors and attract the next generation of consumers.

It's certainly worth checking out Google's complete Holiday 100 list, which, while only a basic summary, can help you build a better understanding of significant consumer trends and improve your process.

The Google Holiday 100 list can be found here.

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