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Google is Launching New Advertising Formats and Placements for Google Search and YouTube

Google is introducing several new ad formats and placements for Google Search and YouTube in order to incorporate evolving technology into customers' rising preference for searching on Google, the rise of online commerce, and an increase in video watch time.

Google Search and YouTube are increasingly influencing purchase decisions; the company claims that one billion purchasing excursions take place on Google every day. As consumers access content in more visual and searchable ways, categories like fashion have grown in popularity.

Advertisers will be able to show new, more visual Shopping adverts in search results to US customers later this year. These will be marked as advertisements and may appear in designated ad spots across the page. Businesses will be able to have 3D models of their items shown immediately on Google Search, letting customers see them in their own environments via augmented reality. A totally immersive shopping experience would be provided by AR in Search.

Businesses will be able to market loyalty perks to prospective customers in the United States when they purchase on Google in the upcoming months. Also, users will be able to incorporate loyalty programs with Google Ads shortly.

One of the results for the search query "hair blow dryer brush" shows a tag that says "Get free shipping and earn points," highlighting loyalty privileges throughout Google to consumers in the United States.

Businesses can increase online loyalty sign-ups through YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps by utilizing Performance Max advertising and a product feed.

Also, video action marketing and app campaigns will now immediately scale to YouTube Shorts. With YouTube Shorts currently having more than 30 billion daily views, Google hopes to help marketers engage consumers who are absorbed in this short-form entertainment.

Businesses will be able to link product feeds to campaigns later this year, making YouTube Shorts video advertising more shoppable.

Since last year, Google has been testing advertising in YouTube Shorts and is now progressively spreading them out to all marketers across the world.

This is an important step toward creating a long-term YouTube Shorts monetization solution for creators as well as a new revenue stream for advertisers. Later this year, product feeds for Video action campaigns will be available on YouTube Shorts.

Businesses may also integrate their data and marketing knowledge with Google's machine learning to create automated solutions that match campaign goals and are easy to use.

Performance Max campaigns are a solution that allows businesses to meet customers wherever they could be on Google channels. Advertisers who employ Performance Max campaigns in their account enjoy a 13 percent improvement in total incremental conversions while maintaining the same cost per action.

Google has also introduced six new elements to be added shortly:

  • More experimentation tools, such as A/B tests to evaluate how Performance Max affects incremental conversions

  • Support for campaign administration in Search Ads 360 and the Google Ads mobile app has been enhanced.

  • In addition to store visits and local actions, support for store sales targets to optimize in-store sales.

  • Utilize burst campaigns for a limited time to help accomplish in-store targets during seasonal events.

  • New insights and explanations, including attribution, audience, and auction insights, to help you understand what drives performance.

  • Optimization score and recommendations to help you enhance your campaign

The Insights page employs machine learning to find fresh pockets of consumer demand and to deliver customized trend data.

Only Google can provide such insights, which are based on billions of searches every day and millions of signals examined for each ad auction.

Google also announced three additional reports that would be released over the next few months:

  • Attribution insights highlight how your advertising works together to drive conversions across Google surfaces such as Search, Display, and YouTube.

  • Budget insights uncover new budget optimization options and illustrate how spending is moving against your budget targets.

  • Audience insights for first-party data demonstrate how customer segments, such as those generated using Customer Match, influence campaign performance.

And later this year, Google will roll out technologies like My Ad Center to give brands more control over their privacy and online experience. People will be able to choose the types of ads they want to see more or less of, as well as how their data influences the ads they see on YouTube, Search, and Discover.

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