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Google Introduces a Simplified YouTube Ad Creation Process as Well as New SMB Advice Tools

Google has announced several new additions to its Google for Small Business resource set to help SMBs maximize their digital marketing efforts, including a new, faster YouTube ad production process and the addition of extra advise tools as part of International Small Business Week. To begin with, on YouTube ads, Google made its Video Builder tool more widely available last year, allowing customers to rapidly create a video ad utilizing static pictures, reducing the load of production in the video marketing process.

Google is now offering a new, streamlined connection within its Video Builder platform to deploy YouTube ads based on your works.

"Just add the video ad, the audiences you want to reach and your budget to launch a campaign in minutes. And with the new mobile experience, you can now more easily measure campaign performance."

The enhanced approach will work with any video, not just those made in Video Builder, making it easier and more straightforward to establish a YouTube ad campaign in a matter of seconds.

Still, audience research and understanding what will resonate with your target audience is the key to maximizing the value and success of your video ad campaigns, which takes time and experimentation to get right. As a result, it might not be the best way to go when it comes to launching quick campaigns like this - but if you've done your homework and know who you really need to reach, the enhanced creation flow could make it much easier to put together and launch a YouTube ad campaign, which could be especially beneficial for small businesses.

Brands can access the simplified YouTube ads experience at

In addition, Google is expanding the tools available in its Google for Small Business guides, which offer advice on how different sorts of firms can make the most of their online presence.

"We’re now expanding to include recommendations by business type: Restaurant, Retail or Services. The new Digital Essentials Guide is focused on the basics of being found and transacting with customers on Google and across the web. When you’re ready to explore more advanced recommendations, we have you covered with in-depth guides to introduce you to additional tools."

The different overviews and training sessions can provide additional insight on how to improve your online performance, with a focus on Google's products specifically - which is a valuable consideration considering that it remains the primary source of referral traffic for most businesses.

These are some excellent additions, as well as some useful tips for small businesses seeking further assistance. Even if you're certain you've covered all of your bases, it's a good idea to double-check with Google for the most up-to-date information to confirm you've checked all of the boxes.

And, with the increase of eCommerce and internet connectivity in the previous year, such techniques have more potential than ever.

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