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  • MaryGrace Lerin

Google Expands Its 'All In' Marketing Accessibility Resource with New Insights

Google has released a new update to its 'All In' marketing toolkit, improving it to incorporate more insights on accessible marketing, and making sure that marketers include accessibility as part of their outreach efforts.

According to Google:

“People are exposed to around two million ads per year, but many say they don’t see themselves or their community accurately represented in them. Everybody deserves to feel a sense of belonging. As marketers, it’s our job to make sure the stories we tell are fully inclusive. This also means making our marketing accessible so that all disabled people, 15% of the global population, can fully access and engage with our content, products and experiences.”

Google's All In mini-site has a number of useful suggestions and recommendations on how to boost inclusion in your marketing strategy across a range of subjects.

Every section gives a summary of the most important accessibility factors for that audience, which were produced in collaboration with disability inclusion specialists and prominent industry organizations.

Google has now worked with even more organizations and groups to provide further viewpoints and insights, as well as to guarantee that marketers are aware of the most important factors.

It's a useful reference, with a variety of relevant, practical recommendations for improving accessibility in your initiatives, which could help you reach out to a wider audience and build a stronger community.

Check out Google's 'All In' mini-site here for more information.

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