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Google Allows Brands To Control Ad Frequency On YouTube, CTV Apps

To prevent over-exposure of ads and deliver a better viewing experience on connected TV, Google has launched a new tool for YouTube and other apps.

This tool allows advertisers to manage how often viewers see their ads.

With these new frequency management solutions for connected TV in Display & Video 360 for YouTube and more apps from Google, brands can limit viewers' aversion to being annoyed by seeing a single ad repeatedly.

Google mentions that the tool also has a positive impact on media performance. According to the company, brands see an average of 5% more reach per dollar when managing the frequency of CTV ads on YouTube and other CTV apps.

Advertisers can control how many ads CTV viewers see in YouTube and YouTube TV apps with Display & Video 360, as well as set a frequency target for ads shown in other CTV apps, but the new tool allows advertisers to increase the frequency of CTV manage ads for both .

Advertisers can set a common goal for the inclusive streaming experience on connected TV, rather than individual apps. This means that when an advertiser sets a goal to show a campaign five times, the tool will show the ad a total of five times across all apps on connected TV like YouTube, Hulu, etc.

The tool is designed to ensure a more even distribution of connected TV ad budgets and optimal usage.

Measurement solutions such as running a Unique Reach report or the cross-channel frequency quantification tools can also help advertisers measure the impact of campaigns running with the new tactic.

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