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  • Meerelle Cruz

Google Ad Insights Now Includes Trend Prediction Tools That Are Tailored To Businesses

Google Ads insights are getting some new predictive aspects, which will use machine learning and historical data to forecast expected consumer trends in your niche. The new trend forecasts are currently in beta, but they can be found on Google Ads' Insights page. However, depending on their accuracy, they could be valuable contributions to your strategy.

To begin, Google is experimenting with demand projections, which will combine machine learning with past seasonal search trends to generate estimates of probable search interest for your products over the next six months.

Assume you work in the beauty industry. You might see a forecast that search interest in "perfumes & fragrances" will begin to trend in the middle of November, with a 27 percent increase, peaking at 93 percent on Black Friday, and then tapering off in the weeks following. To help you understand this forecast, you'll see trendlines for predicted search interest, actual search interest, and your clicks (the amount of traffic you've already received from this trend).

A lot depends on how precise and honed-in these projections are based on your offerings. However, using historical search traffic data as a foundation could be a strong indicator of impending alterations, providing useful assistance for your marketing planning and strategy.

Google is also experimenting with a new consumer interest insight piece, which will compile the top-performing search query topics that are driving campaign performance. The consumer interest insight report, as seen above, displays the number of people searching for each subject, as well as the total growth of each element and performance recommendations for your account.

Again, depending on the data available and how well it reflects emerging patterns, this might be extremely useful in developing a better plan. Which, with so many consumer behaviors shifting in the last two years, would have been challenging. However, such forecasts could easily be indicative of altering emphasis and behavioral markers over time.

Finally, Google is experimenting with audience insights, which seeks to deliver additional information about your clients' preferences, including what creative they respond to. This could provide indicative data to aid in the optimization of your campaigns, as well as more detailed information on what's working in your Google Ads efforts.

It'll take some time and trial and error to get it right – and Google reminds us that all of these features are still in beta, so they're still figuring out the best course of action for each one. However, they could prove to be useful tools for your ad targeting and audience research. These aspects will be available in Google Ads in the next weeks, but you can monitor the latest trends for your business on the Google Ads Insights page right now.

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