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Get 'Ready for Business' with LinkedIn's New Digital Magazine

With thousands of people getting vaccinated every day, the end of the pandemic could be in sight and signs of hope are finally becoming apparent. As all the efforts in place slowly take effect, people yearn for normal, and many businesses do as well. A multitude of businesses have already begun preparing and have started to plan and grasp the numerous new opportunities that have begun to surface.

In alignment with everything, LinkedIn has released the new ‘Return to Growth’ digital magazine which provides insights and tips while equipping different businesses with the skills and ideas to move forward as the times slowly shift back to normal.

As LinkedIn stated:

"Ready for Business 2021 explores everything that’s involved in using digital marketing to drive growth and get your strategy moving. There’s detailed insight on identifying your highest-value audiences and engaging them when they’re at their most receptive. We dig deep into the growing importance of trust and thought leadership content in a post-pandemic world, highlight the changing nature of B2B buyer journeys, and share stories and strategies for how your marketing can inspire, entertain – and engage the ready for business mindset at scale."

The magazine, which is composed of 50 pages, includes various useful articles, notes, and results from different LinkedIn studies which discover and explain why people use LinkedIn.

Aside from studies explaining why exactly people use LinkedIn, there are also various case studies that discover how LinkedIn’s promotional ads and marketing tools can be used to achieve the best possible results.

Moreover, the new magazine also details a few interviews and key trends, and explains the ever-changing role of the CMO and brand building. There are also various helpful overviews explaining the best possible practices and specifications of LinkedIn’s various ad options.

All in all, if you are looking to market primarily on LinkedIn or are just trying to keep up and look into the latest platform trends and features, this magazine is perfect for you and you should most definitely take some time to check it out. The magazine is completely free and the interviews it contains are amazingly insightful and could inspire or help even the most experienced LinkedIn marketers.

You can download their new magazine HERE.

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