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  • Meerelle Cruz

For Latin and Hispanic Heritage Month, Facebook has Launched a Business Guide and Support Features

A new 25-page guide aimed at helping companies demonstrate their support for Latinx communities, as well as new in-app capabilities that will allow users to participate in the broader cultural celebration, has been published by Facebook in honor of Latin and Hispanic Heritage Month this week. In addition to Facebook's new Business Guide, which describes the history of the community and its presence in America.

Additionally, the guide gives an explanation of the term "Latinx" and its use:

Multiethnic populations are often referred to as "Hispanic" or "Latinx" using pan-ethnic designations. As a result, it's not a simple task to create a single label that speaks to the multi-dimensionality of the elements. "Latinx" has become increasingly popular on the internet, but most individuals in the community are more familiar with or prefer the terms "Latino/a" or "Hispanic". On the other hand, it describes how Latinx communities have been affected by the COVID pandemic, and asks corporations to support Latinx causes where possible, including through advertising.

Facebook reports that Latino and Hispanic-owned businesses have been disproportionately harmed by the pandemic and that they're also 50 percent less likely to acquire PPP loans than white-owned enterprises. These issues are common in larger communities and funding methods, but Facebook's advice emphasizes how companies can also help by collaborating with Latinx businesses and suppliers, and by making commitments to highlight marginalized perspectives, among others.

A few helpful tidbits that could help you become more involved in the community are listed. Facebook's whole guide is available for download here if you're interested. A new sticker set for Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month has also been posted to Facebook's Instagram page. Although several events are also being held during the event.

The month-long celebration of Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month by Facebook Elevate shines the spotlight on the businesses, organizations, and individuals who make this community stronger. Join us. Anyone interested in the Latinx/Hispanic-owned small company sector or in improving their knowledge and skills can take advantage of a series of events that will inspire and educate you.

As well as keeping you up to date on the latest events, Facebook is holding a conversation with award-winning Mexican-American writer and filmmaker Moisés Zamora and Nuria Santamaria Wolfe, the company's Director of Strategic Audience Partnerships. Hispanicize will webcast the conversation-starting on September 30th. Because the COVID pandemic will have a significant impact on all communities, it's important to consider supporting minorities and underrepresented groups where possible, to ensure that we're providing assistance where it's most needed and that we're not losing touch with individual groups or elements of society that may feel more isolated within the situation. On this front, Latin and Hispanic Heritage Month serve as a useful reminder. Take a look at Facebook's latest guide to see what you can do to express your support.

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