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  • Ruth Raima Servida

For Better Comment Management Options, YouTube Tries New Channel Guidelines

The best thing to do when abusive comments and hate speeches enter your platform is to either ignore or delete them.

YouTube is a big platform where creators can even see the number of dislikes for each video they make, as well as unwanted comments. Currently, YouTube is working with some people to test out their newest Channel Guidelines,which will enable Channel managers to set rules around the types of comments their audience can post under their clips.

"We're experimenting with a small number of creators, giving them the ability to define up to three channel guidelines for comments. These are a specific set of rules that everyone has to read and accept before they post a comment to your YouTube channel that help outline the kinds of conversations that you want to see on that channel" YouTube explained.

With these new guidelines, Channel managers can set to maintain specific elements of discussion in their communities. While it is not fully an automated system, manual intervention is still needed, yet these new guidelines will provide another means of setting clear parameters of what's acceptable and not on one's YouTube channel or clips.

Also, YouTube is looking out on the expansion of the platform's process of holding potentially harmful and hurtful comments for review to mobile. Launched last October 2020, this process automatically detects potentially harmful comments on videos, moves them to the "Held for Review" area in the YouTube studio. These comments will be automatically removed if the channel owner does take any action within 60 days.

YouTube's continuous effort in protecting their creators as well as maintaining a healthier environment on the platform includes hiding the comment section by default, removing comments entirely and more ways to track user's comment history in order to determine who to block.

These efforts only have one goal, to combat trolls who like to spam unnecessary criticisms and remarks, as well as toxic comments. With the new guidelines rolling out slowly, YouTube will be able to find the best way to keep everything in the platform in harmony in no time.

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