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  • Ruth Raima Servida

Fans Celebrate Comic-Con on Reddit

Reddit has recently published their overview of the Comic-Con discussion on their platform which shows that the Comic-Con@Home can play a big role among the Reddit community.

The regular in-person San Diego Comic-Con may be postponed until the summer of 2022, but this year, Comic-Con@Home will be running as an online event starting this July 23rd up to the 25th.

The image above shows valuable insights as Reddit, a major platform globally could be a key consideration as they might get to see a big rise in related discussion as the event kicks off 3 days from now.

Gathering comic and movie fans together, the online event will provide another way for their patrons to get the latest news on various projects directly from the creators themselves.

With this big annual event being held online, opportunities for marketers to tap into the surrounding buzz and reach highly engaged communities opened up and Reddit may be the one to benefit the most.

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