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Facebook wants developers to integrate more Facebook Stories Sharing into their apps

Facebook has been encouraging developers to use its 'Share to Stories' option, which allows app developers to quickly connect their apps into the Stories posting process, helping to enhance promotion while also providing users additional options for creating Stories material. This is part of Facebook's continuous attempt to optimize Stories usage and get more people sharing more frequently in the app.

Facebook unveiled a new 'Creative App Platform' for Facebook Stories late last year, enabling developers to make and promote Stories-related applications directly within the Stories ecosystem, as well as a 'Creative Apps' link within the Stories creation process to boost wider app use.

These tools, together with the 'Share to Stories' process, expand the creative options available to users, and if Facebook can convince more developers to encourage their users to post their in-app achievements to Facebook and Instagram Stories, it could be a mutually beneficial process that encourages even more Stories usage.

In support of this, Facebook's Developer team has released a new infographic that details the advantages of using the 'Share to Stories' option for app developers, as well as how Facebook benefits from this extended integration.

*Check out the infographic below

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