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  • Meerelle Cruz

Facebook Updates Creator Studio with Story Highlights and a Timeline View for Posts

To celebrate the new year, Facebook has added some new features to Creator Studio, including a Stories preview option for video uploads and a new way to see how your submitted material appears in-stream.

The most significant change is the addition of Stories highlight clips for video uploads, which allows you to post a 20-second preview segment from your full video as a Facebook and/or Instagram Story. The new option allows you to share a video highlight clip to your narrative,' as indicated in this prompt supplied by Matt Navarra, to boost views of your complete video clip.

So far, the procedure has been very straightforward: Creator Studio will highlight a preview section from your full movie, which you can then move around, though you can't edit or produce, so you can just choose a segment from your video to serve as the preview. You'll be able to share that clip to your Facebook Story after you've picked the segment, with a 'See More' CTA button at the bottom of the Stories panel to direct visitors to your main footage.

With the brief teaser snippets leading into the full viewing experience, it could be a useful approach to promote more exposure to your uploaded movies, and it's not overly intrusive as a Stories option. Though it's odd that Facebook wants to encourage this kind of use of Stories, given that Instagram has frequently tried to prevent people from re-sharing feed content to Stories, including videos, allegedly owing to user concerns.

This appears to be fairly similar to posting feed posts as Stories, but it may make more sense on Facebook, and/or getting more people to watch more video material has a higher total engagement value than the potential negative effects on the Stories user experience.

A timeline view for your published Page posts in the app is another new feature for Creator Studio, allowing more insight into how your content appears in user feeds. That adds another layer to your Page management options through the app, which is still a valuable posting tool over third-party platforms because it can display you exactly how your Facebook and

Instagram posts will appear in-stream, allowing for more editing and customization options.

As a result, Creator Studio continues to be a crucial tool for many social media managers, especially those who post video, and it's encouraging to see Meta continue to introduce new features and updates to better the user experience and provide you with more options for managing your Page posts.

These changes aren't game-changers, but they do give you additional options for sharing, and it's worth trying out the new Stories video previews to see if they help you get more people to watch your uploads.

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