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Facebook tests moderator activity insights to provide transparency on group management efforts

Hey, have you ever wanted to hold your Facebook group moderators more accountable for the amount of effort they do or don't contribute to keeping your group in line?

Well, you soon might have that option - Facebook is now testing a new "Top Admins and Moderators" insights stream, which would provide an overview of the total activity levels of each assigned group admin and moderator "down to the second" to help you keep them in line.

As explained by Facebook (via social media expert Matt Navarra):

"We know that power admins often manage their groups with a team of co-admins and moderators. Many of you have shared that you utilize the Admin Activity log to see which admin and moderator has done what, but there was not a way to easily see the number of actions taken by each team member. To help admins more easily understand how their teams are contributing to daily tasks in their groups, we're introducing a new "Admin & Moderator" details section within Group Insights."

As you can see in the above image, the new listing will enable you to check moderator and admin activity levels on five separate aspects (as selected in the drop-down menu).

Those elements are:

Member Requests Approved

Member Requests Declined

Posts Approved

Posts Declined

Posts Removed

You'll also be able to download this data so you can keep a separate record of ongoing activity.

For the casual Facebook group, it may seem a little over the top, but with more brands looking to utilize Facebook groups to maintain connection with their audience, it makes sense to have more professional data tracking options to measure moderator activity. And if you are, indeed, paying moderators to manage your group, it'll be helpful to know what they're up to, and how their workload compares to others who are undertaking the same, or similar, tasks.

The new option is currently being tested and will be rolled out to all groups soon. So, if you're a Facebook group admin and you haven't been pulling your weight, time to shape up before your Group Admin gets oversight into your efforts.

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