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  • Isabel Encinares

Facebook Takes Initiative to Broaden Gender Diversity in the Tech Sector

In line with this week’s ‘Increasing Diversity in Innovation conference’, Facebook has recently announced that they are looking to broaden diversity within their work force, and will be showing support for underrepresented investors across the tech sector.

As Facebook has explained:

"Increasing Diversity in Innovation brings together leaders from the government, academia and the technology industry to discuss ways to support underrepresented inventors. Sessions at the conference focus on unconscious bias, systemic inequity in the patent process, techniques for reaching diverse inventors and the importance of innovation."

Attendees of the conference will not only be able to learn through various educational sessions, but will also be asked to sign a ‘Pledge to Increased Diversity in Inventor ship’. Through signing this pledge, various organizations will be able to show their commitment to increasing support for underrepresented inventors.

Facebook is one of the many organizations that helped devise the pledge, and the company has expressed their commitment and support to its goals. Moreover, Facebook has also announced that they will be expanding the program in order to achieve gender parity in patenting.

"We’ve recently piloted small-group brainstorming sessions for women inventors and will be expanding these sessions to other groups of underrepresented inventors. We’ll also create a mentorship program of women supporting women through the patent process. We’ll publicly share metrics on Facebook inventors that identify as female in the coming year."

Throughout the years, Facebook has publicly shown its intent and commitment to properly representing equality within its workforce and have continued to keep the public updated through its Diversity and Inclusion report.

In Facebook’s most recent report, Facebook has seen a year-on-year decline in the amount of women working in the organization. With the share of women dropping by .3% in 2021, gender equality has become a main focus for Facebook.

While Facebook has made a number of public announcements and commitments, the numbers show that they are far from reaching gender equality and must continue their efforts to improve gender representation.

On a related note, Facebook has stated that true progress…

"...would be impossible without diverse perspectives that represent the ways our products are used around the world"

It is very important that the world keeps track of Facebook’s progress on these elements, as it is just as easy for them to make public commitments, as it is for them not to follow through.

Balance is something that should be attained in all aspects of life, but according to Facebook, greater diversity in the workforce is definitely a must.

As for now, all we can do is hope that the various elements, conferences, and efforts in play will allow diversity and proper representation to progress.

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