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Facebook stories advertising

Facebook stories are there and they grow like crazy..... 15x faster than ordinary news feed posts.

Facebook states that Stories are viewed by 150 million users every day.

The chart below let's you in on the huge numbers of stories over the different networks #impressive

Image from TechCrunch

Something we expected is going to happen soon, Advertising on Stories come to the menu...

“More and more people are using Facebook Stories to connect with friends and businesses, and we’re going to start testing ads in Stories to help people discover products and services they might be interested in,” revealed Facebook product manager Zoheb Hajiyani in a statement to Adweek.

How does it work?

Advertisers will be able to buy five to 15 second-long video ads, which can either be extensions of existing Instagram Stories ads, or they can opt to have Facebook automatically reformat News Feed ads using “color-matched borders and text.”

Hajiyani claiming, “Ads in stories have added a lot of value for businesses on Instagram, and we believe we can do the same on Facebook.”

As we know from Facebook, roll out takes place in a couple of countries. This time Facebook made the choice for the U.S., Brazil, and Mexico markets. Some months later, as the test goes well, other countries will be added.

We are very curious on the effect of stories advertising and of course start using it for one of our clients as soon as it's available and of course keep you updated!

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