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Facebook Stories ads can now be added worldwide

Author: Rosalie Visser

Starting today Facebook Stories ads will be available to advertisers around the world," a statement from the world's biggest social network said as it was announced at a New York media event. Facebook Stories ads offer the same targeting, measurement and optimization capabilities as other ad products on the Facebook platform as well as the same objectives available via Instagram and Instagram Stories ads: reach, brand awareness, video views, app installs, conversion, traffic and lead generation.

Facebook has 300 million daily users of their "stories” feature as said Wednesday. A format inspired by Snapchat, the announcement shows Facebook is making strides in this new format which allows people to share videos or photos with emojis and augmented reality options that allows users to draw eyeglasses or hats on faces, and which disappear after 24 hours.

What does this say in numbers?

"Advertising in stories has proven to drive valuable business outcomes." Facebook, which at one point sought to acquire Snapchat to tap into the market for younger users. Facebook introduced their story format in 2016 on Instagram and in 2017 extended that to Facebook and Facebook Messenger users. According to Facebook, 400 million Instagram users employ the stories format in addition to the 300 million in the Facebook platform, with a large number using both platforms.

The new shift in Facebook appears to be having an impact on Snapchat, earlier this month, the research firm eMarketer revised down its revenue estimates for Snapchat by 36 percent, predicting $662.1 million in net digital ad revenues, compared with an estimated $1.03 billion projected in March.

Facebook stated that Stories had 150 million daily users in May, and it began a trial period with selected advertisers in the U.S., Mexico and Brazil.

Now that the user total tops 300 million, worldwide brands can now add Facebook Stories ads to their campaigns.


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