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  • Ruth Raima Servida

Facebook's Testing a New 'Threads' Option

Ongoing stories are surely in trend these days, but isn't it a little hassle to find the very first part if the updates have piled up already? Luckily, Facebook has just added the "create a thread" prompt on their platform!

Last week, some users began to notice this new feature under the posting process. Matt Navarra shared this image above, an example from Varon Kerolli showing how the thread option looks like. The latest initiative will provide new means in bolting additional posts to an original, building a broader contextual story through giving more updates.

In another sample, each new post added to the Facebook thread would be connected back to the original one, creating a longer stream if updates aligned to the very first post. The line that connects posts aren't really new to the platform, since the comments section of Facebook had been running like this for quite some time now.

This new feature makes a lot more sense on Twitter, the very first platform to introduce this feature way back in 2017, as tweets are restricted with a maximum of 180 characters per post only, unlike Facebook. But Facebook says they are aiming for a slightly different focus for their Threads options.

"Rather than inspiring longer posts, Facebook threads could be used for live commentary on an event like an award show. Or, users could post updates to their existing posts in a thread, rather than updating the original and making a clunky “edited to add…” announcement. Given that Facebook is testing this feature with public figures, perhaps its intended use is to make the sharing of news more streamlined." reported by TechCrunch.

Facebook may have copied one cool feature from another platform, but we will never really know what this initiative could bring to most of the users, as the testing is only available for a small group of public figures.

I bet the majority of the community will give their own reaction to this, and hoping Facebook will listen to them, this just make another revolution to the application and to the users themselves.

The progress of Facebook's Thread Option is yet to be updated, watch out to know more.

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