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Facebook Releases New Option to Designate Community Managers to Moderate Live Streams

Facebook Live has now gained a new option - the ability to designate a Community Manager to oversee comments during live streams. This was actually added to Instagram Live back in March and has been available for Facebook Gaming broadcasters for a while now.

Nevertheless, you can now use the same functionality on Facebook Live broadcasts as well, giving you another method to manage your Facebook interactions in a more dynamic, integrated manner. Additionally, you may use the allocation features in the app to designate a moderator who, for example, resides in another state or a different country.

Since you can always ask a friend or coworker to manage that aspect of your Live streams while you are presenting on-screen, adding a moderator to them has been possible for a very long time. However, this feature gives the procedure a structured, coordinated element, which will improve your management options.

According to Facebook:

“Community Managers moderate using their personal profiles, can turn on a Community Moderator badge visible to other viewers, and moderate streams without direct permissions or admin access to your Page.”

In a sense, it is more official and open, which can increase participation in your broadcasts.

However, if you frequently use Facebook Live, you might also need to alter your settings.

“Roles with Moderator-level Task access can no longer perform live stream moderation, and will need to be invited as Community Managers.”

In addition, the process will increase your ability to control your broadcasts, which should give you more flexibility.

More information on adding a Community Manager to moderate your Facebook Live streams can be found here.

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