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Facebook Releases a New Guide on How Broader Societal Shifts Affect Ad Response

Facebook has released a new report that examines how consumer relationships with brands have evolved over the past year and what this means for future marketing strategy.

The 25-page report includes a review of over 100 Facebook ad campaigns that performed better than average in 2020, and evaluates the key factors that influenced better response to identify vital messaging approach changes.

According to Facebook:

"While last year was unique, it marked a creative inflection point with lasting implications for us all. The changes to people’s relationships with, and expectations of brands are here to stay. By looking at the work that broke through on our platforms, we can pinpoint some of the key behaviors that changed and that will continue to shape creative for years to come."

The report's main objective is on five key focus elements that are outlined in these campaigns:

  • Build inclusively - Brands that are performing well are focusing on more inclusive creative that depicts their target audiences in realistic and insightful ways.

  • Create edutainment - Brands that attempted to deliver more education in innovative ways received a higher level of positive feedback.

  • Sell with ideas- With social interactions minimized, brands that were able to express ideas that corresponded with the eagerness to learn new information, and replacing the traditional discovery process.

  • Speak the language of the platform - that is, create content that is more attuned with user-generated posts and updates, such as ads that don't appear to be ads

  • Reward self-discovery - Content that appeals to people's desire for tailored, guided information received a boost in response.

A few of these concepts may appear hazy at first, but Facebook has given examples and detailed instructions on how to implement them.

In addition to the explainers, Facebook has given more useful recommendations and question prompts to help you think of how you can apply each concept to your planning.

Facebook has also highlighted the important societal shifts and how they correspond to each ad trend, with clear guidance from the detailed breakdowns and example it provided.

It's a great summary of some of the key concepts that contributed to better ad response, as well as why they might be useful in your outreach efforts.

The complete guide is available for free download, and it's well worth reading if you want to stay on top of the latest trends and changes.

The full 2021 Creative Forecast from Facebook can be found here.

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