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Facebook Q3 Numbers: Users and Revenue Up but Signs of Potential Concerns in Future

Facebook has released its Q3 2018 earnings report, which shows increases in both users and revenue. But the topline summary isn't the whole story here.

First off, on users - Facebook added 24 million daily active users, taking it up to 1.495 billion people who are logging onto the platform every day

That's a good result, but the concern here is that European DAU numbers dropped for the second consecutive quarter, while North American usage remained flat. These are the markets where Facebook generates the vast majority of its income (as shown in the chart below), and while expanded growth in other regions bodes well for future opportunities, a decline in usage in the core markets could be problematic.

Similar usage trends are reflected in the monthly active user stats - which, it should be noted, increased to 2.27 billion overall.

Of course, declines like this need to be viewed in context - 2.27 billion users is huge, no other platform is even close, and this figure doesn't account for usage of Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram. Facebook, on balance, is still in a very strong position, but the fact that some users are turning away from the platform does raise concerns for future viability, and revenue opportunities.

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