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Facebook publishes new research into the role social media plays in beverage marketing

Social media now touches onto every aspect of the consumer discovery process, reaching from how people come across information, to recommendations from friends, to direct ads from brands and more.

And the beverage sector is no exception. Given the popularity of recipes, and related food discovery trends, it makes sense that drink marketers should also be paying attention - but what role, exactly, does social now play in beverage discovery, and how can marketers use that to advantage?

That's the focus of Facebook's latest research report - Facebook recently conducted a study, in association with Kantar, in order to better understand the modern beverage consumer, and map out their discovery and evaluation process.

As per Facebook:

"The research revealed that physical retailers remain consumers’ main touchpoint for beverage purchases but digital channels play an important role in influencing drink choices. This includes content on social media, which inspires discovery and decision-making for consumers of both beverage categories. Considerations like convenience and health benefits also strongly influence how people decide to quench their thirst."

Facebook has compiled its key findings into the below infographic - while it's also published regional variations of the data, which you can access here.

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