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Facebook Publishes New Report on How Instagram Drives Shopping Behavior

As Facebook looks to find more ways to maximize the revenue generation potential of Instagram, it's commissioned new research into how users perceive brand content on the visual platform, and how businesses can maximize their opportunities based on audience expectation.

Facebook's first report on this front looked at what users expect from brands on Instagram, and now, Facebook has released the second element, which examines how the platform drives audience action, both in terms of business discovery and purchase behavior.

The data is based on feedback from over 21,000 Instagram users in thirteen countries, providing solid insight into overall audience perception - if you're looking to utilize Instagram for your business in 2019, this is valuable information to have, and to consider in your process.

First off, the user feedback highlights an interesting, yet less discussed element of social media marketing - even if your social presence is not driving direct sales, it can still have a significant impact on brand perception, which could be hugely relevant, dependent on your target market.

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