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  • MaryGrace Lerin

Facebook Messenger Gets Group Effects, Adding New Engagement Options

Facebook is expanding its AR features with new group effects on Messenger video calls, which would provide new engagement option within your conversations.

As seen in this example, group effects will apply any AR overlay to all users in the chat, allowing for a whole new level of involvement.

According to Facebook:

“Group Effects are new AR experiences that can augment everyone on a video call at the same time, enabling a more fun and immersive way to connect with friends and family. Whether you want to step your competitive game up or have fun with your friend who’s 3,000 miles away, Group Effects makes video calls more entertaining.”

Facebook also touts the option's multiplayer gaming possibilities, with users able to play guessing games and other engaging experiences with pals.

That could be intriguing, and with video calling having reached new highs in the last 18 months as people seek new ways to stay in touch, it could be a useful addition, increasing the app's engagement potential.

Admittedly, as people are able to return to in-person interaction, video calls are expected to become less popular. However, the capacity to connect in new ways may be enough to entice people to return to video chats.

There may also be further marketing applications in the future, such as branded tie-in campaigns coordinated with product releases, which might be particularly useful in the entertainment industry.

Facebook's Spark AR API will now include Group Effects, allowing creators and developers to create their own group effects.

At the time of release, Facebook claims that the app contains over 70 Group Effects, making it a substantial beginning library for the feature.

“To check out Group Effects, head to your Messenger app, start a video call or create a room, tap the smiley face to open the effects tray and select Group Effects.”

They may be worth a look, as well as evaluating the process's potential for broader uses.

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