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  • MaryGrace Lerin

Facebook Launches New Women's Safety Training Events to Boost Online Safety and Inclusion

Facebook is organizing a series of live Women's Safety training events, with the goal of providing detailed explanations and ideas into how its safety features work, as well as how women may use these essential elements to better their experience on its platforms.

According to Facebook:

"Through these trainings, we aim to help you get the most out of your experience on the Facebook family of apps by learning about the ways our products, tools, and resources help you more safely connect with the people and causes you care about."

To accommodate as many people as possible, Facebook will hold seven separate sessions of the event in four different languages and time zones. During each session, participants will have the chance to ask questions and interact with a safety expert in real time.

As per Pew Research, female netizens are much more likely than male internet users to report being sexually harassed or stalked online, with young women especially being highly likely to have experienced sexual harassment.

As stated by Pew:

"Fully 33% of women under 35 say they have been sexually harassed online, while 11% of men under 35 say the same."

Elements like this must be addressed as part of the greater focus on gender equality and inclusion, guaranteeing that women can feel free and open to voice their ideas and opinions without fear of being harmed.

Facebook's sessions will highlight the numerous tools and methods available to help, which should potentially improve inclusiveness within its applications.

More information regarding Facebook's Women's Safety sessions, as well as registration, can be found here.

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