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  • Isabel Encinares

Facebook is Leading the Virtual Reality Headset Market

According to a new IDC report, the global shipments of virtual reality (VR) headsets have grown a whopping 52.4 percent within the first quarter of 2021. Moreover, Facebook has been dominating the VR headset market and is currently standing at the top.

82.7 percent share of 2021 sales from the first quarter are made up of standalone headsets such as the Oculus Quest 2 or the HTC Vive Focus. First quarter sales have actually greatly improved in the past year as the first quarter of 2020 only reported 50.5 percent share.

As fitness and gaming have steadily increased in popularity, consumers have become more aware of VR and large companies like Facebook have tapped into said trends, making VR technology more accessible.

According to Jitech Ubrani, the research manager for IDC’s Mobile and Consumer Device Trackers:

"Oculus has single-handedly driven growth in the market, as the company managed to capture almost two thirds share of global VR headset shipments during the quarter. While the company currently dominates the consumer segment, it faces competition in the commercial segment, and its lack of presence in China leaves an opportunity for local brands as well as brands that can cater to businesses.”

Aside from oculus, the Chinese companies DVPR and Pico also performed fairly well during the quarter. The aforementioned companies actually ranked second and third at the end of the quarter, with DVPR having grown 108.6 per cent and Pico 44.7 percent.

HTC and Sony also made the top 5 in the VR headset companies ranking.

According to IDC, it is to be expected that VR headsets will continue to grow and the number of shipments in 2021 may reach about 28.9 percent in growth.

The future seems bright for VR headsets and global shipments are forecasted to grow to 28.6 million in 2025 with a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) or 41.4 per cent.

According to the group vice president of Device and Consumer Research at IDC, Tom Mainelli:

"As companies continue to plan for a future that encompasses a combination of both in-person and remote work, we see VR playing an increasingly important role in driving next-generation collaboration, training, and digital events."

Virtual reality and augmented reality are projected to grow in importance and influence within the coming years as companies attempt to blend the digital and physical world. For now, grab your VR headsets, play games, watch movies, and keep a lookout for the latest news and developments.

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