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  • Meerelle Cruz

Facebook Introduces a New Element in Fantasy Games

Fantasy sports have gained a lot of traction recently, and like any trend that Facebook thinks it can profit from, it's now trying to integrate a fantasy sports element into the Facebook experience, giving users another way to participate and interact with sports.

Facebook Fantasy Games are now available on the Facebook app for iOS and Android in the United States and Canada. Facebook Fantasy Games are easy prediction games that allow fans to interact while watching sports, TV shows, and pop culture content. These games combine the social pleasure of traditional fantasy sports with simpler formats that are simple enough for newcomers to enjoy while remaining engaging enough for more experienced players.

Users in the United States and Canada will now be able to access a new ‘Fantasy Games' aspect in the app, which will allow them to participate in fantasy sports prediction games

and communicate with other players on Facebook's platform, as shown in the above image.

Players participate in fantasy sports based on the statistical performance of players in actual games, as well as other events and predictions, with points awarded for each factor. These scores are then added together to provide an overall score, which allows players to compare their knowledge of the subject to that of other competitors in a competitive manner. In line with this, Facebook's fantasy sports platform will contain public leaderboards, as well as the ability to establish and compete in their fantasy leagues within the app, against friends and other fans.

Facebook is launching with ‘Pick & Play Sports,' which is made possible by a partnership with Whistle Sports. Fans will earn points for correctly guessing the victory of a major game, the number of points scored by a star player, or certain events that occur during a game. Bonus points can be earned by accumulating a string of right predictions over several days.

Facebook is also planning to add more games in the coming months, with TV shows like Survivor and The Bachelorette joining the mix of fantasy games. It's a fun way for Facebook to get into fantasy sports, but it'll eventually be trying to profit from it, with the addition of more add-on options and possibly betting features, which could make it a more addictive and engaging in-app experience.

As previously stated, the fantasy sports business has grown significantly in recent years, rising from a $2 billion sector in 2015 to a predicted $22.31 billion market in 2021. The added involvement of feeling like you're participating in a sport by knowing the ins and outs and then placing bets on possible outcomes can be a wonderful way to increase interaction and community, which is no doubt why Facebook is so keen. But betting is where the big money is, with sites like DraftKings and FanDuel allowing gamers to place real money bets on the same components and profit from their knowledge.

Facebook isn't ready to take that step just yet, but you can guarantee it'll happen eventually. While it would have to avoid more controversy to do so, if its fantasy sports component proves popular, it may be worthwhile at some point. It might also aim to partner with existing players to make betting more accessible, giving The Social Network another source of revenue.

But for the time being, all it wants is greater engagement and more time spent in its apps. Fantasy sports may certainly provide that, and with the extra connectedness among your Facebook friends, it could be a useful addition to the whole Facebook experience.

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