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Facebook Incorporates Vimeo Create into Business Suite to Simplify Video Creation

With the inclusion of Vimeo's video creation platform "Vimeo Create" into Facebook Business Suite, Facebook hopes to assist more small businesses get into video marketing.

Vimeo Create makes video creation and editing simple, and it comes with a variety of social media templates and features to help you maximize your video content and even make films out of still images. Graphic and text overlays, transitions, royalty-free music, and other features are available in Vimeo Create.

According to Facebook:

“When it comes to making videos, we know small businesses might see it as expensive, time-consuming and complicated. But with Vimeo Create, now integrated into Facebook Business Suite, businesses can easily build high-impact video ads, regardless of budget or experience, to reach new customers, engage audiences and make any brand stand out.”

It's worth mentioning that Vimeo Create is a paid product, albeit there is a free trial and the pricing is affordable. It does, however, offer a number of useful features and functions, with direct connectivity via Business Suite extending its utility.

Vimeo Create also has integrations with Pinterest and TikTok.

Furthermore, Facebook has published some easy tips for producing more effective video content:

  1. Capture interest in the first few seconds — With people scrolling through swiftly, you need to grab their attention right away, and the initial few seconds of your video are crucial. Facebook also mentions that custom thumbnails can be useful in this situation.

  2. Repurpose your creative materials - Vimeo Create lets you adjust the aspect ratio of your video, so you can make it 9:16 for Instagram Stories or 1:1 for Facebook advertisements, as well as edit, trim, and insert different product pictures. Because you can simply chop and replace elements in the app, this is especially useful for creative split testing.

  3. Test and optimize – This brings us to the third point: "You can utilize Facebook Business Suite to analyze the success of your video advertisements to easily see which video is working the best." Integrating the two parts speeds the process and gives you more room to try out other creative ideas.

It's a welcome addition, as Vimeo Create offers a variety of useful editing and testing capabilities, making video production more accessible to more organizations.

Which, in general, receives the best response across all social platforms, and as TikTok grows in popularity, it appears probable that video will be a significant focus for consumers – so if you haven't looked into video content yet, now is the time to do so.

More information on the Vimeo Create integration with Facebook Business Suite can be found here.

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