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  • Meerelle Cruz

Facebook Has Released A New Guide On Influencer Marketing And Its Growing Benefits

With the rise of eCommerce, influencer marketing is gaining traction, which is related to the changing content landscape and getting your brand message to stand out in crowded social feeds. For example, gaining success on TikTok necessitates a focused strategy to the platform, as repurposing ads from other networks doesn't work in the TikTok stream. Working with influencers is a speedier and more successful approach for many brands to strengthen their messaging, and this requires a thorough understanding of the app.

But how effective is influencer marketing, and what are some of the most notable influencer trends?

That's what Facebook wanted to know with its latest study, in which it looked at 12 campaigns in five different sectors across APAC to learn more about the impact influencer marketing has on companies. The 14-page overview provided by Facebook includes several significant influencer marketing notes and statistics. You can download the entire guide here, but we'll go through some of the highlights in this post.

First and foremost, Facebook emphasizes the tremendous rise of influencer marketing, which is expected to reach $13.8 billion in 2021. Influencer marketing shows no signs of slowing off. Micro-influencers (those with a following of less than 25,000) outperform macro-influencers in terms of results. Their popularity stems from their ability to create relatable material that highlights their expertise and communicates the passions they share with their devoted audience.

While collaborating with a huge celebrity would undoubtedly increase reach and visibility, smaller producers can also achieve significant outcomes due to their closer community connections, which give their support more weight.

Facebook discovered that influencer marketing enhanced response across 12 campaigns in a larger research, with significant improvements in buy intent and conversions. Of course, 12 studies aren't conclusive, and a lot depends on execution, which Facebook delves into further in the report's second half.

Aside from general tips like these, Facebook also provides specific case studies and remarks that may assist you in getting better outcomes with your influencer advertising. It's an intriguing guide with some useful tips – and with influencer marketing on the increase, it's good brushing up on the principles and best practices to improve your efforts.

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