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  • Alexander Yap

Facebook has now applied restrictive measures for pages that share misinformation repeatedly

Are you tired of being click-baited by pages on Facebook? Don't you just hate when you like a page, only to find out later that what they present and what they actually do/stand for are two opposite things? Well, worry no more, because on May 26, 2021, Facebook added a feature in order to ensure that this will happen less often.

When you like a page which has repeatedly spread false information, Facebook will now show you a label which says, "This page shares misinformation repeatedly." It will also lead you to accurate posts/links that have been checked by authorized workers of the firm. Along with this, sharers of said content will be "de-ranked," meaning you will not see their posts as often.

Facebook, however, failed to mention what the criterion would be for 'repeatedly' sharing false information. An update for this would be shared in another post.

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