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  • Meerelle Cruz

Facebook Adds Music Clips to Comments to Provide Context to Replies

Some Facebook users have seen a new pop-up notification in the app informing them that they can now add music to their Facebook comments. You can now include music samples in your post answers, as shown in this example from social media specialist Matt Navarra, giving you another method to get people to listen to your favorite tracks and promote musicians in the chat.

The same mechanism that powers the music sticker in Stories is used here, allowing you to search for tracks by tapping on the music note icon to the right of the comment panel. You can then choose a section of the track to use as a sample, which can be used to add context to your comments, introduce others to new music/artists, make hilarious references via Rick Astley clips, and so on. As others have pointed out, it has a MySpace-like vibe to it.

Back in 2018, Facebook attempted to go full-on MySpace on this front, with the opportunity to upload your favorite music to your Facebook profile and pin it to the top, right below your display name. That brought back memories. Remember how when people visited your MySpace page, tracks would automatically play so you could blast them with the hottest metal tracks to welcome them into your world? A social media experience that is both inviting and engaging.

Forcing people to listen to your favorite music isn't the best method to get them to connect - but offering audio clips as a reference point in your remarks could be a fun touch.

In any case, some users are reporting that the new prompt has shown in the app, and it's worth trying out to see what it's like and what you can do with it.

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