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Facebook has added a new 'Experiments' section to Ads Manager to improve ad performance

If you want to maximize the performance of your Facebook ads, you have to be willing to put the time in, and to try out different audience targeting options and creative elements in order to see which ones gain the most traction, helping to refine your results. 

To help with this, Facebook has this week added a new 'Experiments' section to Ads Manager, which will provide a central home for all your Facebook ad tests and results, making it easier to track and measure your variables - and ultimately, improve your approach.

As explained by Facebook:

"Experiments combines multiple types of tests, formerly labeled as Test and Learn and Split Testing, allowing marketers to A/B test campaigns and measure conversion and brand lift in one place. With a more streamlined interface in Ads Manager, it’s easier to choose the right test for a business goal, create tests, scale what’s working, integrate insights into marketing strategies and help a business grow."

Functionally, Experiments doesn't add anything new, but as Facebook notes, by integrating your various testing options into one place, it'll make it easier to select the right test/s for your campaigns.

Each test option includes additional explainer prompts for more context, so you can better understand what you're testing. You can see here (below) that there's a gray 'i' for additional information next to the test name, while there's also a 'Learn More' button underneath each.

When you click through on a test, you're also provided with more informational prompts within the set-up process, helping to guide your way.

Most of these informational elements were already accessible, but through Experiments, Facebook has made them easier to access - and by collecting all of these resources into one central location, advertisers will be able to get better context as to what tests they can try out, and the insight each provides.

As noted, the only way to get the best performance from your Facebook ads is to experiment, to segment, then to test and test again. This is the core tenet of any successful Facebook ads program - there's a reason that the Trump campaign ran some 5.9 million Facebook ad variants during its 2016 US Presidential Election push.

Small changes can make a big difference - a different image, different wording, an alternative CTA. Each of these specific elements matter, but the only way you'll understand how much, exactly, is by testing. 

Experiments will make it easier to do just that - and definitely, all serious Facebook advertisers should consider it.

You can check out Experiments in Facebook Ads Manager, while there's more information about Experiments here.

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