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Facebook evolving trends research: Glocal community

Facebook has published a new set of reports which look at evolving digital media trends amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The reports are based on a combination of internal data insights from Facebook, commissioned survey insights and third-party research, in total, incorporating responses from over 34,000 consumers.

And they highlight some very relevant data points for digital marketers - Facebook has identified five key trends of note:

  • Safer Shopping - Relating to new shopping measures to limit the spread of COVID-19, and the shift to eCommerce

  • Mindful Wellness - More people are turning to calming recreational activities to counter the stress of the situation

  • Glocal Community - The pandemic has brought communities closer, leading to an increase in support for loal businesses

  • Gen Z's Regeneration - The pandemic has solidified Gen Z's support of causes

  • Connected Convenience - More people are relying on messaging to stay in touch, including with brands 

Each of these trends has significance for brand marketing. You can read Facebook's full report here, but below is an infographic looking at the key points within the third shift - 'Glocal Community' and the rising support for local businesses.

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