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Facebook Announces 'Facebook Showcase' Premium Video Advertising Option

While Facebook's Watch platform hasn't yet become the traditional TV rival Facebook hoped it might, that hasn't slowed The Social Network's monetization plans for its premium video offering, with a new program being launched to capitalize on the most popular Watch content, and give advertisers another way to maximize reach.

This week, Facebook has launched its new 'Facebook Showcase' ad program, which is aimed at giving bigger advertisers the opportunity to boost brand awareness in connection to popular Watch shows.

As explained by Facebook:

"Facebook’s video ecosystem is growing, with a diverse mix of content from original series to creator content. With a growing roster of popular programs such as "Returning the Favor" and "Red Table Talk" on Facebook Watch, we're introducing a new premium video ad program: Facebook Showcase. Showcase will give online video and TV ad buyers participating in the upfront selling cycle new opportunities to reach their target audiences within the highest-quality videos on Facebook."

The program essentially aims to provide larger scale ad opportunities through the most popular Watch programs. As noted, while Watch hasn't taken off in a major way, it has proven popular with some audiences - according to TechCrunch, Watch currently serves over 400 million monthly viewers who are consuming at least one minute of content, with 75 million of those averaging around 20 minutes watch time each day.

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