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  • Meerelle Cruz

Facebook Announces a Conference on Social Impact Education for Nonprofits and Charity Organizations

Facebook has announced that it will organize its first-ever Social Impact Education Conference next month, to assist organizations in maximizing their performance on Facebook and Instagram, as well as boosting their humanitarian efforts through Facebook's different tools and processes.

The pandemic has prompted NGOs to shift their focus online to fulfill their objectives. Facebook stated that they understand how difficult this has been for many groups, which is why they are committed to providing nonprofits with the tools they need to continue their work online through the platform.

The conference, which will take place on September 9th and 10th, will feature a variety of workshops and insight sessions, as well as opportunities to talk with Facebook employees directly. On the conference website, there are also extra learning resources and case studies, as well as connections to pertinent tools and documentation to help you with your approach.

Facebook has added several tools to help non-profits during the epidemic, such as fundraising and awareness stickers, fundraisers on Instagram Live, and the ability for individual users to establish and share nonprofit fundraisers directly within their feed. Those efforts paid off, with Facebook announcing in March that charitable organizations had raised more than $5 billion using Facebook's capabilities, both on the main platform and Instagram.

With many people unable to attend in-person events and demand for help at all-time highs, this is a critical component, and Facebook, with its unrivaled scale, is in a unique position to provide amplification for philanthropic efforts and optimize response within relevant communities. As a result, the Social Impact Education Conference could be a beneficial learning experience.

More information and registration for charitable organizations and representatives can be found here.

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