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Facebook Adds New 'Watch Party' Option

Facebook wants to own all the conversation, all the engagement - it wants to be the platform you turn to when looking to discuss anything and everything with family, friends and strangers.

A big part of the global social media discussion revolves around TV and sporting events, major entertainment programs which draw in huge crowds, and spur people to engage and discuss. Twitter currently leads the way on this - research shows that up to 60% of regular TV viewers share their opinions about the shows they watch via tweet. That's what spurred Twitter to add more TV-like video programming into its live-stream mix - if you can combine the trend of more people discussing TV content on social, with the actual content itself, that's a marketing goldmine. If you can get it right.

And Facebook wants in on the same. Facebook's already pushing Facebook Watch, and working to find the right type of content for its dedicated video platform which will inspire repeat viewership, and boost related engagement. And now, Facebook's adding another direct TV link into the mix, with a new variation of its Watch Party communal video viewing option which will extend the process to programming beyond that hosted on Facebook itself.

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