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  • Meerelle Cruz

Facebook Adds New Messaging Element into its Login with Facebook Process, Enhancing Audience Connect

Facebook has added a new tool to its login with Facebook feature that will allow marketers to integrate direct messaging into the login process, allowing for a stronger relationship with potential customers through messaging responses. Businesses will be able to add a Messenger connection opt-in when users sign-in to their website using Facebook login, giving another opportunity to maintain customer connections and intensify promotions with interested customers.

More than 70% of users have chosen to communicate with businesses that have enabled Login Connect with Messenger. For businesses aiming to increase customer interaction through the Messenger Platform, this is a valuable source of fresh consumer discussions. Of course, you must be aware of that relationship and the special access it grants. Spamming people's inboxes is also a lot more obtrusive than social ads, so it's easy to abuse. However, when utilized in moderation and with the user's best interests in mind, ideally through effective segmentation, this may be a highly helpful technique worth incorporating into your connection flow.

Photo from SocialMediaToday.

As stated by Facebook, "Login Connect with Messenger is a new feature that allows consumers to choose to communicate with a business using the Messenger Platform directly from the Facebook Login flow. Through the Messenger Platform, we're assisting businesses in cultivating better relationships with their customers by providing greater customer care and more targeted engagement."

This could be crucial in boosting direct connectivity, especially in light of Apple's new ATT update, which now informs iOS users about data monitoring in all apps. As more people opt out, your data for ad targeting will be reduced, which might make direct connection solutions like this even more essential as a way to guarantee you get your promotions and awareness efforts in front of the appropriate people at the appropriate time.

With response rates for messages substantially greater than social ads and other outreach alternatives, having direct access to people's inboxes could end up being substantially more valuable than the data insight you may or may not be able to obtain via general Facebook login.

Facebook's new Login Connect with Messenger feature is now in limited beta, with the company hoping to expand it in the coming months.

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