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  • Meerelle Cruz

Facebook Adds Login Connect via Messenger to Provide More Direct Connection Options

After a few months of beta testing, Facebook has made Login Connect with Messenger available to all companies. As you can see in the following sequence, companies will now be able to include a Messenger connection opt-in as part of their Facebook Login process with this new upgrade, offering another opportunity to keep in touch with customers and expand promotions with interested people.

The expansion is in line with Facebook's broader rollout of new messaging and direct connection features for marketers, which will allow businesses more methods to give each customer a more personal emphasis through its apps. Businesses will be able to better serve their customers with the Messenger Platform's new functionality, which improves customer service while also allowing for more personalized engagement.

In light of Apple's recent ATT update, which now asks iOS users whether they want to enable or disable data monitoring in all apps, a direct connection has become increasingly critical. If more individuals opt out of tracking, less information is available for ad targeting, making direct connection solutions like this even more essential as a way to ensure that your promotions and awareness initiatives are seen by the appropriate people at the right time.

When Facebook first tested the feature, they found that more than 70% of users chose to communicate with companies via Messenger when Login Connect was enabled. Businesses aiming to increase consumer engagement through the Messenger Platform now have a reliable source of fresh customer conversations.

Companies must consider the advantages of such a connection and the access they gain as a result. Spamming people's messaging threads is significantly more obtrusive than social adverts, therefore this can be readily misused. However, if used sparingly and with user interests in mind, and ideally through effective segmentation, this might be a highly valuable procedure worth investigating in your connection flow.

According to a recent survey by Facebook, 75% of individuals prefer texting over other forms of communication with businesses. Connecting with interested users in a more personal way by using the platform they're already using. This could be far more helpful to some people than traditionally paid outreach.

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