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  • Ruth Raima Servida

Education and Insights Sessions in Cannes LIONS 2021, Facebook Reveals

In this year's Cannes LIONS Marketing and advertising summit, which due to COVID-19 will be a virtual event, with its sessions to be live-streamed over next week, Facebook has announced a range of new initiatives.

Facebook's team will take part in a range of events providing insight into how brands are making best use of the platform's ad tools as well as processes. Here are the key sessions where Facebook staff will be taking part:

  • Why Creativity Matters - Join Alvin Bowles, Vice President of Business Engineering and Partner Solutions, in conversation with Kirk McDonald, CEO of GroupM NA, to hear how Facebook and its partners are innovating in the creative space.

  • The Big Leap - Mark D’Arcy, Vice President of Global Business Marketing and Chief Creative Officer, shares his perspective on three key shifts — catalyzed over the last year — that are empowering people and that will shape the future of business and marketing.

  • The Future of the Creator Economy - Join Fidji Simo, Head of Facebook app and Axios Media Reporter, Sara Fischer, for a conversation about how businesses and creators are taking leaps into new revenue streams, reaching new audiences with tools that push creative boundaries, and the steps Facebook Inc. is taking to become the main destination for emerging and established creators. Then, hear first-hand from one of the industry’s top creators — actress, writer, and comedienne, Daphnique Springs.

Still not clear if Facebook will be announcing any new features or initiatives in the event, but with the last sessions, with Fidji Simo, some new insights around creator monetization tool and growth plans might come to light.

The events will be streamed on the Cannes LIONS website, with select availability on Facebook's on Facebook at Cannes LIONS event page. And as noted, Facebook will also share some content for free on the same page.

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