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  • Meerelle Cruz

Due To Misinformation, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Suspended From Facebook

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's Facebook account was temporarily suspended on Monday, a day after Twitter "permanently deleted" her account for spreading false material. Facebook has followed Twitter's lead in blocking Greene’s posts as she expressed her dissatisfaction on Gettr, a social media platform founded by Jason Miller, a former top advisor to former President Donald Trump.

"Who appointed Twitter and Facebook to be information and misinformation authorities? When Big Tech decides what political speech of elected Members is acceptable and what is not, they are fighting against our government and the interests of our people," she said. One of Greene's postings "violated our regulations and we have removed it," a spokeswoman for Facebook's parent company Meta said in a statement to NBC News. The rep did not clarify what the post said, but added that removing her account for this violation is beyond the scope of their policies.

Greene's account was shut down by Twitter on Sunday for "multiple violations" of the Covid-19 misinformation policy. In a statement, the business stated that they’ve been clear that, per their strike system for this policy, they will permanently ban accounts for repeated infractions of the policy.

Greene's usage of social media has landed her into problems in the past. Because of her history of propagating dangerous and racist conspiracy theories online, the House removed the first-term congressman from two committees last year. The bill passed 230-199, with 11 Republicans voting with every Democrat.

Greene has been fined multiple times for refusing to wear a mask on the House floor, and he is a vocal opponent of masking regulations and vaccine mandates. In November, she stated that she had not been vaccinated and that vaccine Nazis were ruining their country.

Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., House Minority Leader, issued a statement Monday endorsing Greene without mentioning her name. He slammed "Big Tech" and "recent decisions to suppress Americans — including a sitting member of Congress and well-known physicians — who hold opposing views to the political and media establishment."

"Getting answers — voluntarily or through rigorous congressional monitoring — from Twitter and other Big Tech corporations regarding their choice to silence particular Americans and holding these businesses accountable," he stated.

Greene stated in a statement released on Sunday that Twitter is an enemy of America and can't handle the truth but that’s okay because she’s going to show America that they don't need them and that it's time to fight their adversaries.

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