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Coca-Cola Wiped Its Social Media Accounts, Then Relaunched With a Positive, Happy New Look

The brand chose World Kindness Day for the repositioning

If you looked at any of Coca-Cola’s social media accounts over the weekend, you may have noticed … well, nothing. Not that there was nothing new, but there was no content at all. The brand wiped all of the content from its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram—but not for long.

Today, which happens to be World Kindness Day, Coca-Cola is relaunching all of its accounts as part of social media repositioning. The move not only aims to create a more unified voice and point of view for the accounts, but also to put a little bit more optimism out in the world, especially on the internet.

“This is a really great moment in time for us to reset, holistically, our social strategy on the Coke brand handles,” Sarah Traverso, group director, Social Center at Coca-Cola, said. “World Kindness Day feels like such an appropriate day and moment to kick off messages of positivity, but also when you look at Coke and what Coke stands for, Coke really is a brand about optimism, uplift and wants to bring people together in moments of connection.”

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