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  • MaryGrace Lerin

Clubhouse’s New Feature Lets You Share Past Rooms’ Recordings

Clubhouse's great allure has been its real-time nature. But the audio-based social platform is now a bit shifting away from that characteristic.

The firm is acquainting new ways with sharing audio from rooms with new components called Clips and Replay. Clasps, as the name proposes, will allow you to share on social media 30-second snippets of rooms in progress.

Thus far, assuming you wanted a companion to participate in a room, you needed to share a link and explain to them all about it. Now, you'll have the option to share a little preview of the conversation that's happening underway.

You’ll be able to turn this option off if you’re the room moderator or host. In public rooms, support for Clips are enabled by default.

This feature is recently available to a limited number of users in beta.

Clubhouse users, for a long time now, kept requesting for a recording option and now, in a way, the platform is providing it to them.

A new feature called Replays will be available soon enough, and will prove to be useful for room hosts, as it will allow them to record their session and have their room discoverable anytime. People will be able to take a copy of the recording by downloading it, which is a bit like podcasts.

These new features could make loyal live-audio fans be a bit sullen about it, but with other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Discord around, Clubhouse has to bring forth features that differentiates them from others to have their creators stay with them.

Clubhouse also introduced a variety of new features lately, which includes the universal search for rooms and people and spatial audio for Android. You can learn more about them here.

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