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  • Isabel Encinares

Clubhouse’s Creator First Program Launches In Brazil

In the past few months, Clubhouse's performance and number of downloads has been dwindling within the US. However, since launching its Android app, it has seen an incredible rise in user base and performance in other regions. This boost in performance has opened up a path for Clubhouse and has since presented them with a multitude of opportunities.

Included in the regions where Clubhouse is thriving are India and Brazil, where Android tends to be the more popular operating system. To try and effectively use the attention within these regions, Clubhouse is quickly expanding their ‘Creator First’ program to support creators in these nations and to ensure quality content for the user base.

Creator First India was initially launched last week, however it has finally been announced that Brazil will also be getting their own ‘Creator First’ program.

As stated by Clubhouse: "Aspiring moderators, hosts, and creators on the platform will receive direct support around production and creative development, with promotion of their shows, as well as financial support by matching creators with brands or a monthly stipend."

Creator First Brazil, similar to other ‘Creator First’ programs, will provide its selected creators with support, assistance, and guidance so that they may continue providing quality content for the whole user base to enjoy. Moreover, in addition to the support and guidance being given to the select few, they are also offered a monthly income of at least five thousand US dollars.

While Clubhouse has yet to release any official statement regarding just how much their Brazilian user base has grown, we can say for sure that it most definitely has. In fact, the Clubhouse app icon was changed to an image of Brazilian @dandarapagu last week- "a singular voice that represents the Clubhouse community at its best".

“Dandara first rose to the top of the Brazilian Clubhouse scene when she began moderating conversations for creators dealing with impostor syndrome, race, human rights and entertainment during which she interviewed well known television personalities."

According to Clubhouse, their Brazilian community members and users "have emerged as some of the most exceptional, creative and exciting in the world".

"We’ve seen rooms discussing football, rooms discussing politics, on learning English, people sharing family recipes, artists sharing advice on creating and engaging with their audience and book review clubs, just to name a few."

According to statistics, 92% of Brazil’s adult population is equipped with a smartphone. Brazil has a total population of 214 million. As such, it really does seem like the right move to focus on the user base and content of the nation. Moreover, if Clubhouse can boost its reputation and performance in Brazil and India, it will most definitely help in competing with other, more popular social media platforms.

As of now, nobody can be sure if the strategy that Clubhouse is employing will be effective in kick-starting momentum and creating returning users, but it seems that Clubhouse is looking to explore all its opportunities in order to truly cement its place in the social media sphere.

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